Oxygen Forensics

File Browser

File Browser section is a powerful tool to access and analyze user photos, videos, documents and device databases.

Built-in text, hex, multimedia, SQLite, Plist viewers, Geo-location and EXIF extractors help experts to view files and their properties..

File Browser gives the access to all files extracted from the device in a tree-based structure. Additionally experts can view files in selected only folders, grouped in tabs by type, or in search tabs created when Quick filter was applied.

Oxygen Forensic® software automatically extracts Geo-location data from multimedia files and offers shortcut to view the place on the map where the action took place. Additionally, it looks into EXIF headers for specific tags like Make, Model, time stamps which helps forensic experts to determine file origin. Basic data about the file is displayed on the left sidebar, while file attributes and additional tags are available via popup menu.

Section has a two-panel multipurpose viewer, where experts view the file in a raw, hex mode, or run appropriate player for the media file. Additionally, double clicking on a file opens appropriate viewer in a separate window. Databases and configuration files will be opened with built-in Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer and Oxygen Forensic® Plist Viewer.

Investigators can save files, whole folders on PC, mark the items as Key Evidence, print and prepare reports.

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