Oxygen Forensics


When it comes to solving a crime, reports are one of the most important things for the investigator. Popular file formats and ability to export or print the whole set of data or only important parts helps experts to show the result of their work in the best way.

In Oxygen Forensic® Suite forensic experts can export any data from any section. This can be a report of the whole device or several sections or even several entries. Everything depend on the need of the investigator.

We support all popular file formats: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), and XML. Each format has own best place to apply. For example, PDF is good for printing, while XML can be used by 3rd party data parsers to import data extracted by Oxygen Forensic® Suite.

Reports section is a place where expert can find reports generated for selected device with brief data about the report: date of creation, sections in the report, its path and name. Section also can check if the report was changed after generation and let expert know about it.


  • Event Log. Report. Table View
  • Timeline. Report
  • Applications. Report
  • Passwords. Report
  • Reports