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You invest in our technology – We invest in you. The technology is robust, the capabilities are vast, and the updates never stop coming. As a result, the Training team works relentlessly to ensure you, our ultimate end-customer have multiple training topics and delivery methods available to stay up to date with the technology as well as maintain your certification credentials once attained. Join us often, we look forward to keeping you and our technology working best together as a team!

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This new innovative platform will help our users become more proficient in the use of the Oxygen Forensics line of products. We have listened to our valued customers and found that they understand training is essential, but at times getting to training, either due to budgets or restrictions, has been difficult, if not impossible. This is one of the main reasons we have brought our training catalog online! Not only are our certification courses now available, but targeted short courses as well. We have structured our online courses to educate investigators or supervisors, at any level, on the fundamentals of mobile forensics, cloud, UAS, and IoT investigations as well as take the seasoned investigator into a deeper dive of Oxygen Forensic® Detective and it's advanced features.

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Whether you are new to the mobile forensic industry or a previous or current user of Oxygen Forensic® Detective, Oxygen Forensic Training has you covered. Check here for new course and new calendar dates. Select from the following:

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Oxygen Forensic BootCamp

This three-day instructor-led training event is geared toward students that have a working familiarity with mobile device extraction and analysis.  Students will learn initial extraction methodology of an iDevice and Android device and follow up by importing multiple extraction formats of Android, Apple and other device and data types.  While developing  workflows that enable students to return to their environments to immediately apply new ideas, the course also prepares the student for the Oxygen Forensic Certification program and lays the foundation for the OFAA – Advanced Analysis course.  A full course description can be downloaded from any OFBC course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extraction

This one-day instructor-led training event is geared toward students that have a working familiarity with Oxygen Forensic® Detective and are ready to expand their investigations to cloud-based data.  Students will use the Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout to gather credential-based target data from computer hard-drives and the Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor to gather cloud-based target data from many platforms – including Amazon, Google, WhatsApp, and Apple services.  Students will learn to address 2FA (two-factor authentication) and alternate authentication methods. A full course description can be downloaded from any OFCE course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic Extraction in a Box

This three-day instructor-led training event is geared toward students entering the mobile forensic arena that are ready to begin learning the art and science of extracting data from phones or to broaden already existing knowledge about Oxygen Forensic® Extractor. The course focuses on the physical, logical and OxyAgent methods of data extraction from Android, iOS and other devices (drone, UICC, SD card) using the Oxygen Forensic® Extractor, a component of the Oxygen Forensic® Detective.  Other topics covered include bypassing screen lock pins, passcodes, and swipe patterns; using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands; upgrading and downgrading firmware and application versions, and brute force attacking secure start protection against FDE (full disk encryption) and FBE (file-based encryption).  A full course description can be downloaded from any XiB course registration page.  

When this class is delivered remotely, a package including the required cables and devices will be sent to the student for hands on extraction with their live instructor. This box must return to Oxygen Forensics at course end.


Oxygen Forensic Drone Analysis

This one-day instructor-led training event is geared toward students looking to gain insight into the world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) forensics. Using Oxygen Forensic© Detective, attendees will learn best practices for data extraction from UAVs, UAV mobile device applications and associated cloud account data. Students will examine these data collections to build a forensic report detailing all activity of a UAV flight including analysis of associated images and movies on SD-cards as well as flight-control black box data. A full course description can be downloaded from any OFDA course registration page 


Oxygen Forensic Advanced Analysis

This three-day instructor-led training event is a direct successor to the three-day OFBC course and continues with deep dives in to Oxygen Forensic® Detective analytics, database parsing, lost data recovery, alternate data sets and advanced tools such as the Call Data Record expert, the SQLite and Property list viewers and Oxygen Maps.  Students will investigate IoT devices, take deep dives into application cache database files with the SQLite database and Property list viewers and learn to aggregate and correlate data from multiple sources to enhance the overall investigation in scenario-based exercises.  A solid understanding of Oxygen Forensic® Detective will greatly enhance the deliverables of this course!   A full course description can be downloaded from any OFAA course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic Detective Viewer

The OFDV (Oxygen Forensic Detective Viewer) course centers on education for non-technical investigation review of collected mobile device and computer data using an interface modeled on Oxygen Forensic Detective.  This platform allows responsive data to be searched, tagged and reported on by the personnel that know the most about it, putting the correct work in the correct hands.  The platform also serves as a review environment for any facet of corporate or legal process.  The viewer platform is an available component of Oxygen Forensic® Detective. course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic Analytic Investigations

This one-day instructor-led training event will deliver methodology to locate, recover, and process all image types in extracted datasets. During this course, students will learn to utilize Facial Categorization, subsequently searching faces found to quickly locate suspects such as registered sex offenders; process all images using Image Categorization to locate everything from CSAM images to license plates, maps, currency, and weapons while also performing searches of text values inside of images and screenshots using Optical Character Recognition. Diving further into the datasets, students will learn how to search HEX to locate potential hidden images. course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic Agent Triage

This one-day instructor-led training event is geared toward students that have a working familiarity with Oxygen Forensic® Detective and are ready to prepare to execute on-scene warrants, knock-and-talks, consents to search, or roadside interrogation. This course covers the Oxygen Forensic® OxyAgent and iOS Agent for on-scene mobile data triage purposes to ensure the ability to forensically collect Android and iOS artifacts. Oxygen Forensic® OxyAgent allows a user to collect Android mobile data with an on-the-go, logical extraction to include third party Applications. During this course students will learn how to prepare an on-the-go tool armed with the OxyAgent, gain permissions on the device, and selectively extract data or make a full logical acquisition of data. Oxygen Forensic® iOS Agent is an app for iOS devices that is installed directly to the device as a regular unprivileged user app. iOS Agent allows for the extraction of data, including available deleted files and data, from Apple devices without having to jailbreak the device. This module will educate students on the full potential of iOS Agent and its configuration and implementation – focusing on the data collection without putting the target device at risk. course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic KeyScout Collection

This one day instructor-led training event is geared toward students that have a working familiarity with mobile device extraction and analysis and focuses on extraction, use case, and reporting capabilities of the Oxygen Forensic® Detective. This course takes a deep dive into the Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout performing dead box data recovery from hard drive computer forensic images and live machines. Students learn to customize search paths, create custom search profiles, to mine user credentials and tokens for cloud platform access, and save results for analysis in Oxygen Forensic® Detective.course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic Data Presentation

This instructor-led training event will take you from moment of device extraction all the way through to the presentation of the findings. Students will learn the process of maintaining forensically sound evidence, producing professional and accurate reports, supplying supporting documentation, and preparedness to deliver your findings in a more understandable way to the end user whether it is a manager, client, or a jury. course registration page.  


Oxygen Forensic SQLite Analysis

This two-day instructor-led training event is geared toward students that have a working familiarity with Oxygen Forensic® Detective. This course will demystify low-level SQLite data analysis and recovery using our built-in and external SQLite Database Viewers. In this class, you will learn what SQLite is, and how to analyze and perform executable tasks on the many complex tables that make up a single database file to create reportable results. We will deep-dive into a better understanding of the usefulness and use cases of SQLite scripting to granularize your application-level analysis. This new course will be available in January 2023. course registration page.  
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