Oxygen Forensic® Certification

The Oxygen Forensic® Certification (OFC) credential is the mainline technology certification designed to validate knowledge, skills, and abilities with Oxygen Forensic® Detective, the flagship technology of Oxygen Forensics, Inc.

This certification test questions are accessed through the Oxygen Forensics Learning Management System and can be completed using Oxygen Forensic® Detective version and later, using supplied evidence data. 180 minutes are provided to complete the challenge and the testing criteria are based largely on training course module objectives.

The certification does not require a fee.

The mainline certification is valid for one year.

Certification Maintenance

The OFC maintenance process will become active in 2022.

All currently certified users are granted expiration at the conclusion of the 2022 calendar year.

Anyone certifying between now and the end of the 2021 calendar year will be granted expiration lasting through the conclusion of the 2022 calendar year.

To maintain the OFC credential, certified users must present verifiable attendance or completion of 40 hours of any of the following combination of options in the 2022 calendar year (and every subsequent 12-month period):

  • Oxygen Training courses
  • Oxygen Training webinars
  • Oxygen Conference presentations
  • Oxygen Training “capture the flag” events

Users completing the OFC process in the 2022 calendar year will have 12 months from their OFC completion to submit their verifiable 40 hours of combined options.

OFC maintenance is valid for one year.

For more information about the OFC process, visit our certification FAQ page.