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COM Port Driver Installation

Twitch Data Extraction

Google Chrome


Managing Hash Sets

Social Graph Reporting

Image Categorization

Recover Deleted Files and Data

Snapshots and Statistics


Optical Character Recognition

Social Graph Updates 13.2

Facial Recognition 13.3

Wireless Connections: WiGLE

Smart Filters

Decrypting WhatsApp

WhatsApp Decryption with OFD

Signal Messenger

Twitch Data Extraction

Cloud Extractor

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Discord Cloud Extraction

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Facebook Cloud Extraction

Google Chrome

No Phone? Use Key Scout and Cloud Extractor for key evidence.


Enterprise Extractor

Extraction Troubleshooting


Huawei Extraction

OxyAgent Updates 13.2

OFDE Kit Unboxing

13.3 Update: OxyAgent

COM Port Driver Installation


Call Data Expert and Mapping with OFD

SQLite Viewer

KeyScout - CPU RAM - Passware

Advanced Contact Management

Granular Reporting

Saving and Sharing Data - Understanding Oxygen's File Extensions